Ultimate Medical Center Presents:
Stem Cell Therapy Isn't The Future...IT'S TODAY!
Learn how Stem Cell Therapy is helping people with knee and joint pain find relief! 
Don't Miss Out On This Exciting Opportunity
Wednesday  August 29th

Hyatt Place
Colorado Springs/Garden of the Gods
503 W Garden of the Gods Rd
Colorado Springs, CO 80907  
What Will I learn At The Seminar?
First, this is exclusively for people who have chronic pain or injuries. Those who have had no success with traditional medicine. These are people who need to know more about Stem Cell Therapy and the benefits being realized all over the world.

Second, this is a different type of "seminar" where you will see real people and how their lives have been changed forever through Stem Cell... there may even be a few shed tears.

This is not your typical medical seminar showing you ways to cover up pain. We'll explain what it actually takes to create regeneration in the body.

In part one, we’ll walk you through what is referred to as the Joint Re-generator..

This section does four things:
1. It will clarify how much you can expect to
heal from Stem Cell treatment and what actually takes place.
This is important because chances are, you're "settling" for less pain relief than you want ...and 
we're going to correct that.
2. It instantly reveals exactly what type of Stem Cells you should use... with no "sales fluff" or fiction, just factual research.
So if you're having difficulty getting the answers you want, 
or making sense out of this whole Stem Cell thing, this will bring clarity and understanding.
3. It will provide you with a revolutionary, yet simple solution for those nagging pains that just won't go away (and haven't for the past 20+ years).
This part is CRITICAL because chances are, some of the treatments you're using are bogging down your body's ability to heal ...and actually preventing you 
from getting the pain relief you need.
4. It lays the foundation for what we cover in part two, life stories of real people, just like you, who have received Stem Cell treatments and the relief they are now experiencing.

Presented By: 
Ultimate Medical Center

Ultimate Medical Center's offices in Colorado have focused on delivering the highest quality of pain relief with the latest technology available including Stem Cell Therapy and Physical Medicine.
  •  Patients are seeing real, long term pain relief - Get real stories from real people and how Stem Cell therapy changed their life.
  •  There are 5 Types of Stem Cells You Can Get - Learn which ones are the best and WHY. (There are no embryonic stem cells involved in this... please understand that we as doctors and responsible human beings understand that there are lines over which no person should go, especially doctors)
  •  Why Stem Cells Heal So Many Things - Discover the truth behind the amazing healing power of stem cells and if they make sense for you.
People that suffer from

 Knee Pain
 Shoulder Pain
 Neck/Back Pain

Have become PAIN FREE After trying our Regenerative Options

FAQ That Will Be Answered 
1. How long does treatment take?

2. How many treatments will I need?

3. Are there potential side effects?

4. Is there any down side?

5. Is it FDA approved?

6. What can I expect and how fast will I see results?
What Patients Are Saying
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